26 May 2014

Android game dev income stats (Apr 2014)

This April report is super late, but better late than never right? So, just in time before the month of May comes to an end, here is the very familiar table.

Amount Note
In-app purchase $0.00 No purchases
Ads $0.91 869 impressions, 23 clicks

Still no purchases, and roughly half the income compared to last month. The halving of the income didn't really come as a surprise to me, especially since I made a point to do essentially no marketing during April.

What did surprise me is the number of impressions and clicks are roughly the same compared to March, yet they only brought in half the amount. Upon further investigation, it's clear that the origin of the click is quite important.

For example, comparing the country with the highest number of clicks for the month of March and April. In March, I received 8 clicks originating from the United States and 13 clicks from India; however, the revenue was $0.71 and $0.28 respectively. Bit of maths shows that in this particular example means on average, the clicks from the United States are worth roughly 4 times more per click.

I'm assuming this is because advertisers are more likely to place a higher bid for countries which they think will give higher returns. The question now is, how to get more clicks from these "pricier" countries!