11 Nov 2014

Trichroma - my first puzzle game!

Apologies for being slack with the previous few income reports (don't worry they weren't exciting), but there is a very good reason - I was working on my second game, Trichroma!

Several months back, I created a prototype of a game idea that was floating in my head and that game was called Connect Three. It was an ugly weekend hack and essentially a proof of concept for myself to see if my idea had legs.

After showing it to a couple of friends and getting great feedback the answer seemed to be "Yes, with some work this game could potentially get somewhere".

The "some work" turned out to be several months of work, lots of play testing and a better name.

I am proud to say that Trichroma is now available on the Play Store - you can get it right now!


For those who enjoy a good but simple puzzle game, I believe you will enjoy Trichroma. It was inspired by Threes, 2048 and Connect Four, but the gameplay and strategy is actually quite different!

For the devs out there who are reading this post, Trichroma is a Cordova app, therefore is written in HTML/CSS/Javascript and with Cordova magic is converted to a native Android apk.

Since it is a Cordova app, I can theoretically release it on other platforms (eg. iOS and Windows). However it is currently only available on Android mainly because I only own an Android phone. In addition, preliminary tests on the iOS simulator indicate that there still needs to be some work done to get it working on iOS - Corodva is powerful, but not *that* powerful!

If you're wondering if you should use Cordova for you next game, I would recommend it if you satisfy the following:

  • Your game is simple
  • You're familiar/comfortable with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • You're planning on releasing on multiple platforms

I plan on posting a few learnings from my journey in the near future, so keep an eye out for them :)