TPG usage monitor

This is my first Android application :) A simple, easy to use app that shows your TPG mobile usage. Get it for free at the Android Play Store! If you like it, please rate and review on the market :)

If you're feeling generous and/or like to feel warm and fuzzy inside, it would be greatly appreciated if you could Support me :)

Quick FAQ

  1. What plans does TPG monitor support?
    The TPG monitor should support all standalone TPG mobile plans
  2. How do I read the usage screen?
    The bars give you a quick visual representation of your current mobile usage.
    • Each bar is relative to the usage limit it represents
    • The dull yellow-grey colour shows the number of days that have passed in your current usage period
    • The normal yellow colour shows the amount you have used
    • The orange/red colour indicates that you have exceeded the "pro rata" of your usage (based on the number of days)
    • Remaining Balance shows the amount you have remaining for each of the limits appropriate to your account.
    • Other sums up the charges in the ‘Excess Charges’ column that you see when you view your TPG mobile usage online
    Note: All the data displayed by the TPG Monitor is from TPG. So it is likely to be ~2 days behind
  3. Can I auto-jump to the usage screen after log in?
    Yes. Long press on the mobile you want to use as the default and select “Make Primary Plan”
  4. How can I log out?
    Long press on your account name and you will have the option to log out. Here you can also clear your primary plan or clear all data associated with the app
  5. How to I get back to the options screen from the usage screen?
    Press the key icon on the top bar
  6. I have a new mobile, but can't see it in the list?
    Make sure the plan is listed as 'Active' on the TPG website. In the options screen, hit the refresh icon to update your available plans. Note: You may have to wait a few days for the plan to become active and have usage information
  7. Where do you get the usage data from?
    I get the usage data from TPG’s usage site – so unfortunately the stats will be ~2 days old (whatever you see on TPG’s website, is what will be displayed by the app)
  8. Why does the usage screen say that there is no usage found for the period?
    This will generally happen at the start of the period, because it is possible that you haven’t used anything for the period, or if you have, TPG can be lagging behind with their reporting (usually ~2 days)
  9. What are you using to collect bug reports?
    I am using ACRA (Application Crash Report for Android) to collect bug reports
  10. What do you need the permissions for?
    Network communication - full network access
    Internet is needed to access TPG website to get your usage data

    Affects battery - prevent device from sleeping
    Required for auto-sync - if phone is sleeping when the app has been asked to sync, it needs to be able to ‘wake it up’ to perform the sync

    Your applications information - run at startup
    Required for auto-sync - when your phone restarts, it will notify the app when it is ready, so auto-sync can be re-enabled

    Phone calls - read phone status and identity
    I honestly do not know what this is listed here. Will investigate and should be able to remove it. It is likely a remenant of old code whilst I was still learing the ropes of Android development
  11. I’ve found a bug! Can you add this cool feature?
    If you’ve got feedback/suggestions please send them to: [at] psychopyko (dot) com. Can’t promise that I’ll be able to respond/implement everything that is suggested, but will try my best :)
  12. How can I support the TPG Monitor app?
    Yay! Thanks for asking :) There is a "Support Me" link in the Advanced Options screen. Alternatively you can head to the About page to support me/the TPG Monitor app. At the moment, I’ve only implemented PayPal support.